Hammersuit works with companies to serve the video game consumer in a way that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved. If you’re a web publisher, a video game publisher, a video game developer, a public relations firm, or anyone connected to this industry, chances are we can help you with a team that is exclusively devoted to you.

Editorial Planning and Production
Hammersuit’ writers and editors have experience in creating compelling gaming websites, large and small, and have been involved in all aspects of making those destinations successful. From creating an editorial vision to writing high-quality editorial reviews and features, Hammersuit builds an expert writing team exclusive to you to execute your vision.

Business Services
So you have a great idea and build a great website. How can you get the most out of your high traffic numbers? Hammersuit brings together unique, highly trafficked sites that help set the trends that move the gaming industry forward. Hammersuit’ helps you to profit on the business you’'ve worked so hard to build through a variety of services custom-tailored to you.

Web Production
Hammersuit'’s team of experienced web production specialists can create a website to represent the best that your company has to offer. From programming to art creation, Hammersuit has the ability to create a site that effectively communicates your company'’s brand and mission.