Hammersuit started like all dot-com stories start: with a few college kids. While getting our B.A.s, M.A.s, and all those other crazy initials, we gained experience in the video game industry, some of us as early as 1999. But in 2003 we made it official, creating our first website for $16 and reaching two million gamers on the way, providing content to the likes of Yahoo! and Microsoft, and selling it to what is now a prominent AOL property.

In the past couple of years, we have since improved on our craft of creating compelling web destinations, getting more gamers to them than ever, and becoming engrained in the industry. And while Hammersuit works backstage to prop up the companies we work with, we guarantee you’ve seen our work and you know our people.


Jill Keil, CEO - Jill Keil comes to Hammersuit with eight years of experience in the video game industry doing everything from Public Relations to editorial creation. Jill was the Public Relations Manager and Industry Relations Manager for the 2001-sold Cloudchaser family of websites. She became the Family Guide Editor of GameDaily in 2003, and the Casual Guide Editor in 2005. Currently, Jill exclusively works on the Family and Casual sections of AOL GameDaily, and manages the Hammersuit team of writers contracted by AOL.

Hammersuit LLC is located in Northern New Jersey, ten minutes away from Manhattan at 224 Spring Valley Road in Paramus, NJ 07652.